Activated Carbon – Box 3.4L

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Activated Carbon - Box 3.4L
Its large pore volume and pore size distribution makes it suitable for the removal of odor, chlorine, ozone, micro-pollutants such as pesticides and other dissolved organic particles.

Important and useful informations:

  • Due to its very high adsorption capacity, you have the guarantee to work with one of the most efficient activated carbon available on the market,
  • Contact time between the treated water and the activated carbon will definitely influence the treatment efficiency: with the CINTROPUR TE-CTN models, the water will of course go through all the activated carbon volume, from the bottom to the upper side.
  • The important quantity of activated carbon used in the Cintropur TE-CTN guarantees optimal results as well as an optimal lifespan. The lower the flow rate, the best the result.
  • The carbon’s lifetime depends on its application: for drinking water, it’s recommended to change the carbon every 3 months (max. 20.000 filter volumes) otherwise at least every 6 months.Due to the particular intern mechanism, it’s possible to maintain very good flow rate/pressure drop values.
  • Attractive cost of the activated carbon refills.
  • Packaging especially designed for an easy filling of the filter.
  • In order to preserve the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, the installation of a sediment filter before the activated carbon to filter out all the suspended solid particles (earth, sand, rust, etc.) is highly recommended.
  • We offer Interesting combinations of mechanical filtration, activated carbon filtration and UVc sterilization in the DUO, TIO (two in one) or TIO-UV models.