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Water softeners to meet any household need

The high tech and reliable Medallist water softeners is the right answer for eliminating limescale from your home.

Main features

  • Programmable valve in corrosion-resistant material
  • Control system with motorized piston
  • Regeneration by time with safety control
  • High-density polyethylene salt container

Other features of Medallist water softeners

  • The brine intake system has an “air-stop” valve which prevents air from entering the unit during brine suction and resin rinsing.
  • The Cullex food-grade cationic resin exchanges the limescale contained in the water. Once saturated, the resin is regenerated with salt to restore the original exchange capacity.
  • Depending on the models, the salt container in high-density polyethylene can contain 30 to 140 kg of salt.
  • For optimum performance, make sure to use Culligan bacteriostatic salt.

Enjoy water without limescale

No more unsightly limescale stains on tiles, coverings and dishes. Keeping kitchen and bathroom bright and hygienically perfect will take half the time


Hard water can be the cause of costly to clear clogged pipes. Water softeners can lengthen the life of water heaters, boilers, washing machines and dishwashers

Personal care

With softened water your skin can be smoother and your hair shinier and easier to comb.