Filter NW 800

Filter NW 800

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Filter NW 800

Made entirely from first quality synthetic material, CINTROPUR® filters are perfectly suitable for food products and drinking water.The CINTROPUR® vane transforms the liquid flow into acentrifugal spin by throwing the larger particles down into the lower bowl, according to the chosen filter sleeve micron-size.


Protection of industrial as well as residential and agricultural installations by filtering the solid particles (earth, sand, rust,etc,…) suspended in the water.


  • high and constant flow rate
  • low pressure drop
  • centrifugal prefiltration with a cyclonal effect
  • robustness and reliability
  • fast and easy flushing out
  • permanent visual control of the filter sleeve (transparent bowl)
  • exclusive system, ecological and not expensive (filter sleeve)


INDUSTRY: Protection of sanitary fittings and machine tools.

AGRICULTURE: Filtration of watering (spraying) installations; Filtration of water for animals; Filtration of rainwater andwell water.

GROUPS: (hotels, restaurants, schools, buildings, …)protection of the sanitary installations and all electrical/domestic appliances.


The water treatment (TE) models are equipped witha special device that allows the use of different water treatment products.

Efficient up to 60°C / 140° F, these products are usedto reduce the harmful and scaling effects of the waterhardness. The protection of new installations against rust is also a well known application.

The activated carbon CINTROPUR® is sold separately and is highly suitable for the improvement of taste and the removal of odour, chlorine, ozone, micropolutants such as pesticides and other dissolved organic substances.

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