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Qwetch offers food and beverage containers for those who wish to take away their meals and drinks, without generating waste.

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All containers respond to those criterias:

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It is well known, travelling empowers business. Everything started in China, away from all in the grand Asia.

The story begins when Stephane Miquel goes on a trip with his friends to Danian, China, to meet with a humanitarian association called Couleurs de Chine. Over there, everybody drinks loose leaf tea, anytime, anywhere from home to rice fields, to work or even during commute. Inspired by those lifestyle manners, Stephane created the Qwetch on-the-go teamug.

Much more than a simple teamug made to be carried around, this on-the-go teamug comes with two filters to create two different infusion styles:

  • a long basket filter for a short-term infusion,
  • a short filter for a long-term infusion.

Back in Europe, Stephane digs deeper into the necessities of itinerant eating with your home-made meal.

Qwetch then grows with new ranges of containers, which are all insulated, healthy, and sustainable. Eat, drink and infuse every day, wherever you are!


A lifestyle

Choosing Qwetch is choosing a lifestyle: eating healthy, respecting the environment, favoring home-made meals to take with you during the day. It’s also choosing products with aesthetic, colorful and trendy designs.

Healthy products:

  • Qwetch containers keep hot and cold making it easy to take healthy home-made meals with you.
  • Qwetch uses glass and stainless steel materials safe to food contact unlike aluminum or plastic products.

Sustainable products reaching for a zero-waste lifestyle:

Qwetch products are sustainable because all containers are washable and reusable infinitely. No more plastic bottles, boxes or cutlery which are generating tons of waste every day

Quality control:

All of Qwetch containers are manufactured in China, in selected factories for their top-quality control and their social engagements, which are all supervised by the Qwetch team. Accessories are GOTS certified and made from organic cotton.

A committed brand:

Qwetch gives back a share of its revenue to two French associations:

Couleurs de Chine
Couleur de Chine, help with school enrolment for little girls of the MIAO ethnic minority.

Générations Cobayes
Génération Cobayes acts on informing youngsters about the impact of their day-to-day behaviors on their health and the environment.

So, who’s behind Qwetch?

No one !

Qwetch is before all a human journey, a story of a man who came back from his trip in China, inspired by its tea and food itinerant culture.

By choosing Qwetch, you choose a story, a sustainable behavior and a trustworthy brand, created by passionate people.

All our products are tested by our collaborators, before production, and certified by an independent laboratory. Because we are the first users and lovers of our products, our goal is to make them the best they can be in the long run!

Switch to Qwetch for on-the-go!

Stéphane Miquel – Founder


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